Mission and Vision

Kenderton School

Moving from GOOD to GREAT!

Motivating ALL Students to Achieve, Learn, and Excel


The mission of Kenderton School is to prepare ALL of our students for success in high school, college or career, and life, inclusive of informed, responsible citizenship in our global, technological, and multidimensional society.

ALL means ALL—and we fulfill our mission by providing ALL students, regardless of ability, circumstance, culture, language, or any other facet of diversity with equitable access to a high-quality, standards-based academic program with aligned supports that enhance learning and teaching.


Kenderton School will uphold the rights of all of our students to a high-quality education in a great public school close to where they live and will become recognized throughout the City of Philadelphia as a model for educational equity and Blue Ribbon Excellence. With the support of all stakeholders, our vision will be achieved and sustained.