Mrs. Deanna W. Bredell, Principal

Mrs. LaShaya Duval, Assistant Principal

Secretary – Ms. Johnson
Nurse – Ms. Abraham
Guidance Counselor – Mrs. Shepherd
School Physcologist – Ms. Kelley

Kindergarten – Ms. Duncan, Ms. Baker
1st Grade –  Mr. Hirt, and Ms.Smith
2nd Grade – Ms. Dent, and Ms. Werner
3rd Grade –  Ms. Lowery, Ms. Thomer and Mr. Taylor
4th Grade – Ms. Chipego and Ms. Carroll
5th Grade – Ms. Frye-Thompson and Mr. Gass
6th Grade – Mr. James and Mr. Mitchell
7th & 8th Grade ELA – Ms. Wyatt
7th & 8th Grade Math – Ms. Boswell
7th & 8th Grade Social Studies – Mr. Flemming
7th & 8th Grade Science – Mr. Booth

Music – Ms. Corrigan
Art – TBD
STEM/Technology – Ms. Ivery
Physical Education – Mr. Nelson
Computer Intervention – Ms. Ms. Frankenfield

Autistic Support K-2 – Ms. Gerdes
Autistic Support 3-5 – Ms. Mosch
Autistic Support 6-8 – Ms. Albright
Emotional Support 3-5 – Ms. Binelli
Emotional Support 6-8 – Ms. Grimmage-Twiggs

Instructional Support – Ms. Wyatt
Early Literacy Specialist- Ms. Kirk
Learning Support K-4 – Mr. McCreary
Learning Support 5-8 – Mr. Montufar

Teachers Assistant – Ms. Devine AS K-2
Teachers Assistant – Ms. Walker AS 3-5
Teachers Assistant – Mr. Mike AS 7-8
Teachers Assistant – Mr. Rivera ES 3-5
Teachers Assistant – Ms. Dawkins ES 6-8
Supportive Services Ass. – Ms. Alexander
One to One – Ms. Hudell
One to One – Ms. Chaitan
One to One – Ms. Ibegbulem
One to One – Ms. Hill

School Police Officer – SPO Blackwell

Climate Manager K-8 – Ms. Garrett

Middle School Dean of Students – Ms. Keyes
Climate Support – Mr. Lee
Climate Support – Ms. Hall
Climate Support – Ms. Carmichael
Climate Support Staff – Ms. Johnson

Climate Support – Ms. Gilbert

Building Engineer – Mr. Lanier
Building Custodial Staff – Ms. Roberts

Building Custodial Staff- Mr. Maysonette
Building Custodial Staff- Ms. Glass
Building Custodial Staff- Ms. Womack

Food Manager – Mrs. Childs
Lunch Aide – Ms. Martinez
Lunch Aide – Mr. Hinton